Dr Aliya Reddy

Dr Aliya Reddy

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Dr Aliya Reddy

Medicover Fertility is the European leader in infertility treatment and has over 24 years of experience in treating childless couples. It is known to be the best IVF clinic in Hyderabad. Since its launch in Hyderabad, it has been spreading smiles in the lives of these couples by addressing their fertility issues. The IVF centre in the Hi-tech City of Hyderabad has a world-class infrastructure with all the essential departments staffed with an in-house team of experienced & renowned IVF consultant, Embryologist, paramedics & administration team, who are best in the field of IVF & fertility treatments.

We have experienced Fertility Expert, Dr. Alia Reddy, at Medicover Fertility Hyderabad, to manage Infertility related to Advanced Maternal Age, Endometriosis, Fibroid Uterus, Male Factor Infertility, Tubal Blockage or Unexplained Infertility using techniques like IMSI, MACS, Blastocyst Culture, and Assisted Zona Hatching etc. She follows an individualised and patient-centric approach that has successfully helped countless couples in treating their infertility issues and helping them fulfil their dream of parenthood.

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  • Center Location

    Madhapur, Hyderabad

  • Center Name

    Medicover Fertility Centre

  • Centre/Doctor Timing

    Mon to Sun
    10:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • Education

    DGO, MBBS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Infertility Specialist

  • Experience

    30 Years Experience

  • Specialisation

    Infertility Specialist, Surrogacy, Obstetrician, Endoscopic Surgeon

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