The difference between normal childbirth and Cesarean childbirth

The difference between normal childbirth and Cesarean childbirth

It just started. You got the results in your hand, and guess what? The most Precious good news about your life. You are ready for a new life. You are on the edge of making a perfect family picture. You are going to plan everything. which hospital, which school so on.

Expecting mothers have a lot of decisions to make. What’s the name of the baby? Does the kid have a pacifier? Clothes or disposable diapers?
Each woman’s experience is unique, but most mothers will agree.Birth of a new baby is exciting news.  Whether you are a first-time mother or expecting your third one. Frankly, indeed, childbirth is painful. It is short-lived, though, and there are many forms and strategies to reduce labor pain severity effectively. There several kinds of childbirth methods available. Women should approach those that make them the most relaxed, which makes sense with their personal and medical circumstances.
Sometimes it depends on the medical case whether or not be a parent option is whether to have a natural delivery or a Cesarean section (C-section).

Let’s talk about some basic differences and advantages of both methods.

Natural Birth:

During vaginal birth (Natural birth ), the patient may undergo labor as the cervix dilates. Uterine contractions, which feel like super-strong menstrual cramps, move the baby’s head towards the vaginal opening, where it emerges after pushing. Many patients prefer painkillers like the epidural, and others are free from drugs. You ‘re going to be able to keep your little one right after conception. Labor and childbirth may last 12 to 14 hours for first-time moms, and it’s usually quicker for subsequent deliveries.

Advantages of natural childbirth :

1. Baby receives benefited bacterias :

As your infant moves through your birth canal, it ingests bacteria that contribute to your intestine’s health and improves your immune system. While the microbiome of a baby – or the collection of microbes – starts to develop in the womb, the vagina’s distribution is an integral part of the process.

2. The mother  will squeeze fluid out of his lungs :

When your baby is in the womb, the lungs are filled with blood. Hormonal shifts that occur during labor tend to remove the blood, and a lot of the remainder is squeezed out when your infant moves through the birth canal. Any residual fluid is coughed up after birth or drained by the body of your infant.

3. No future pregnancy complication:

The childbirth via cesarean had an elevated risk of severe complications in a subsequent pregnancy, including miscarriage, stillbirth, placental issues (placenta previa, placenta accreta, and placental abruption) and uterine rupture (a break in the lining of the uterus).

4. Fast recovery, easy discharge, and less expensive:

You should continue to remain in the hospital for 24 to 48 hours following uncomplicated vaginal delivery and two to four days following the cesarean section. Although you should stop strenuous exercise for six weeks after your vaginal birth to allow your body to recover. You can be able to perform your normal activities within a few days.

C section Delivery :

C-section surgery, on the other hand, usually takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish (the infant is delivered in the first 10 to 15 minutes). The vast majority of C-sections are done while the patient is conscious, and the mother is usually given either an epidural or a spinal block to relax the lower half of the body. The surgery itself is not going to hurt due to pain killers — although you may experience discomfort through the C-section and a tugging feeling as the infant is pulled out.

There are multiple reasons  why Doctors can suggest c section:

  1. Multiple births such as twins and triplets
  2. Failure for labor to progress
  3. Baby is too large to deliver vagineal
  4. Fetal distress in which it is unsafe for a natural birth
  5. Baby is breech on transverse birth
  6. Previous c sections delivery

Advantages of C section:

1. Pain both before and after birth

During this surgery doctors usually use painkillers and anesthesia. It will help patients to get relief from pain. 

2. Vaginal damage:

As c section is a surgical procedure which is performed without any vaginal damage.

3. No Severe bleeding after birth:

You will get proper care from the hospital after c section delivery ,and After the procedure there is no extra bleeding.  

Hope this article will give you guidance about natural childbirth and cesarean childbirth. After reading this article you will get to know the advantages and differences of both methods. As we already told you it totally depends on medical conditions. Before you choose any method we recommend you please consult with a certified gynecologist to know about your medical priorities.

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