Infertility and IVF

Infertility and IVF

Infertility – The Basics Scientists have analysed infertility as one of the causes of under confidence, and increase in stress levels in both males and females. The ratio is very high as one out of every seven couples in the world has problems relating to pregnancy and conceiving. The emotional stress generally takes its toll on either the marriage or work. Research has listed many solutions to the problems related with infertility in females and male reproductive systems. Off an on, various medical associations and fertility treatment clinics have organized workshops to educate people suffering from such problems and in many such cases it has been a great help to them. It has also been noted that the stress levels from either the work or fear of non-performing often cause erectile dysfunction in males, and people tend to confuse this with fertility problems. In reality the two things are very different from each other. Infertility in lay-man’s terms can be classified as the inability of the either the male sperm or the female egg, or both to fertilize leading to a problem in conceiving or child birth. This might be a very vague definition, but is sufficient to differentiate it with the erectile dysfunction. In reality, dealing with infertility is not very easy for anyone who suffers from it. There have been reported cases of depression, anxiety, and even suicides in some as a result of this problem. In general, it is often found that people are sceptical to take a medical consultation or even talk about it. But educating oneself may be the only solution available.

In vitro fertilisation techniques- Over the years graphs have shown that there has been a significant increase in the number of people who have adopted assisted reproduction techniques like in vitro fertilization, gamete intra fallopian transfer, zygote intra fallopian transfer etc. These clinical methods have proved to be quite useful in increasing the chances of conceiving. But it is very important for a person, male or female, not to lose his confidence as there are many keys to this simple problem.

IVF treatment

The curing techniques for infertility in females can range from natural treatments such as meditation, yoga, nutrition, exercise, acupuncture etc., to clinical methods such as the use of fertility drugs, or going through various treatment processes like the “in vitro fertilization treatment, intrauterine insemination, intra-cycloplasmic sperm injection, or egg and sperm donation techniques.

The natural method i.e. the yogic method of healing basically focuses on the mind power techniques. It acts as a spiritual elixir that helps a person to get rid of the distress and in turn focus his energy to healing the problem. The yogic teachers also recommend the kind of food that one should consume and many other exercises, some even as simple as folding of fingers in a specific manner, which help in naturally curing the problem.

The clinical treatment however focuses on the other aspect of curing i.e through medical procedures, and also involves the use of effective drugs. The most common method followed is the “IVF method” in which healthy eggs and the sperms are taken from the male and the female counterparts in a dish where they are made to fertilize, and the fertilized embryo then results in a womb. This is a very easy and painless solution of the problem, and is often preferred in many cases. Another method is the egg or sperm donation, which provides an option to the male or female for whom the egg or sperm of their counterpart is not giving results. It is to be noted however that for different cases different methods are used, and credibility of the method can be confirmed from the medical practitioner only.

Childlessness can be a big burden for a couple as it leads to an aggravation in frustration for both males and females. The most effective support can be provided by the family in such cases. It should be very well understood that in many such cases women often want to talk over the situation to find an effective solution whereas men may try to escape from it as they are often found to be shy to talk about it. The family has a very important job of giving support and respect to the couple, and to understand their needs rather than force theirs.

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