Best Pregnancy Kit in India

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Best Pregnancy Kit in India

Nurturing a life inside a life is a wonderful experience in women’s life. Pregnancy is also one of the greatest emotions a woman feels in her lifetime. The urine pregnancy test kits, which are the quickest and most effective ways to determine pregnancy, often carry his feelings. (1) Pregnancy Test Kit is one of the greatest advances in medical science to the world of womanhood and motherhood to make a confirmation for good news. A pregnancy kit can help in your pregnancy confirmation.

If you think you might be pregnant, there are many best pregnancy kits available in the market or you can consult with a doctor or a clinic to have a urine and blood test done. There are several styles and types of maternity kits that can leave you confused for sure. Are you feeling nervous as well? Then you don’t need to worry anymore.This article is going to help you to choose the best pregnancy kit available in the market.

Wondering whether you are pregnant or not can be very nerve-wracking. The displayed result on a pregnancy test kit can truly change your life. And a paternity test is the best way to learn.

First thing first what exactly is a pregnancy test kit?

  • A Pregnancy Test Kit is the simplest way to prove pregnancy. This comes with a tag, which measures the fertility hormones in your semen and provides you instant results, whether you are pregnant or not. Well the process usually takes 2-3 minutes overall for better outcomes, Where pregnancy is observed mainly by two lines forming in the strip.

Now you must be wondering how it works.

A pregnancy test kit determines the level of HCG Hormones (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine and provides the result accordingly. There are two types of pregnancy kit available in the market. The first one is strip based and the second one is cup based pregnancy test kit.

  • Strip pregnancy test kit:

This is the most common and easily available form of pregnancy test kit . It’s like a strip made hold. You put your urine in a clean tank in the holding strip, use a dropper, and put 3-4 drops of urine into the test area. The strip will take 30 seconds to detect HCG hormones in your urine to show accordingly , usually there are three results whether it is positive, negative, or invalid testing.

  • A cup test pregnancy kit:

A cup test is basically a strip/device and a urine collection cup which is supplied for testing pregnancy under this type of pregnancy test kit. To use this kit you must first collect the urine in the cup and drop the test apparatus/strip into the urine. This test also takes 30 seconds to show the result accordingly. When the HCG receptors are detected, the test findings are correct, negative, or null.

Pregnancy Test Kits are not only the easiest and most affordable method of pregnancy determination but are also available on the market easily. Nevertheless, the real challenge is to find the most efficiently developed pregnancy test kits, as many consumers in the Indian market are considered to be unsuccessful. We have studied 5 to your advantage. best pregnancy test kits available in market as per users views and rates. Below is the list for your help. If you still need help, Aurawomen is available 24/7 for best consultation.

1. Prega news pregnancy test kit

One of the best and popular Pregnancy Test Kit in india. Mankind Pharmaceuticals is manufactured and marketed. Prega News is best known for its “ in just 5 minutes results” according to users it has authentic and reliable results. It is easy and safe to use and does not compete with any side effects with the body.

2. I can pregnancy test kit

I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit is another one of the most widely used pregnancy test kits in India. It is produced and marketed by Piramal Healthcare. It was started in 2011 and has since received huge support from Indian users because of its feasibility and efficiency. A pro tip by I-Can , that its customers use morning urine to boost pregnancy identification.

3. Velocity pregnancy test kit

Up to 25 mlU / ml HCG can be detected with a speed test kit. Simply put, even with a lower level of HCG in your urine it can determine your pregnancy. It is packed with a dropper and a test strip to accurately diagnose pregnancy. The Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit is one of the best available pregnancy test kits in the market, it is produced by Dr. Reddy ‘s Lab.

4. The clearblue pregnancy test kit

One of the affordable and safe Clearblue Test Kit is provided in a pack of 20 single kit test strips, which are also very efficient at the same time. It also includes a detailed instruction guide for newbies, to guide you in using this set correctly with images. Because of its effectiveness and 99 percent accuracy, it has established its brand value in India in little time.

5. Velocity easy pregnancy test kit

A single device kit is the Velocit Easy Pregnancy Test Kit. This unit is striped and has a good area to hold the unit firm if you punch on it. This unit is striped. The best thing with this test kit is that no messy urine collection is included. Also, this kit is very cost- effective and usually comes around Rs. 80-90.

6. The morphine pregnancy test kit

A sensitive urinary pregnancy test kit for up to 20 mlU / ml is Dr. Morepen’s pregnancy test kit. It can be used every day, and results are obtained within 5 minutes. As for the company, due to extreme sensitivity, the morning urine needs no sample. The dark purple is useful for reading tests with lower levels of detection.

7. First response pregnancy test kit

The first reaction pregnancy test package has hCG values that are as high as 95% and over 6.3 mIU / mL. This is available in various versions, such as fast results, early results, gold digital, testing and confirmation, and three-fold checking of pregnancy tests. Several sensitive pregnancy test kits provide you with testing options at various stages of the menstrual cycle. Now it is time to generally ask questions, It will help you to kill the cat of curiosity.

What do faint lines on pregnancy test indicates?

It could occur for other women if they find a slight line during the pregnancy test. This is important and it must be understood that any line within the period of interpretation should be considered positive that indicates pregnancy. These lines were generated by the existence of a responsive hCG level.

Can I take pregnancy test at any time of the day?

If the menstrual cycle goes absent, it’s best to take a paternity test for a total of 7 days if the period starts. Because the outcome may differ, as the low hCG hormone concentration can not be correct on the first day. So kindly follow the instructions for better results.

Can I use the ovulation test kit for a pregnancy test?

It doesn’t help because the ovulation test kit is for different hormones. Two different hormones LH-hCG are not separated by the Ovulation Test Kit. It will give a good outcome even though you have some of these hormonal flukes. Therefore, pregnancy is not confirmed.

Can drinking water or fluid before the test affects the result?

The results of home pregnancy taken early in the morning may affect drinking water and any other fluid. It may decrease to the undetectable level of HCG. You might think you don’t expect when you conceive. Hope this article is going to help you alot in your first step of motherhood. Your quest and wonderness will get a stop to find the best pregnancy test kit available in the market.

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