Different Factors Affecting Your Fertility

Different Factors Affecting Your Fertility

If you want to have a baby, there are several factors that may affect your ability to get pregnant. There are many different things that can affect fertility, and they may cause a couple to have trouble trying to conceive. Here are a few of the most common fertility issues and how they can be addressed so that couples can improve their chances of getting pregnant.


Weight can play a large factor in your ability to conceive. If you are overweight, your body is working too hard to maintain itself, and your cycle may be irregular. If you are underweight, you may suffer from hormone imbalances that will affect your reproductive cycle. Try to reach a healthy weight before you conceive for better chances at getting pregnant.

Alcohol and Smoking

These two lifestyle factors can inhibit your ability to have a baby. Males who smoke and drink may have low levels of sperm or abnormal sperm. Women who smoke may not have enough cervical mucus, which can cause sperm to die before they reach the egg. Nicotine can also deplete a woman’s egg count, which reduces her chances of getting pregnant. If you or your partner smokes or drinks, then you should abstain from it in order to improve your fertility.


Many medications can affect the reproductive cycle, which then limits your ability to get pregnant. Men who are taking certain prescription medications may have lower sperm counts, or their sperm may not have the necessary mobility to travel to the egg. Women may take medicines that reduce their levels of cervical mucus, which can make it hard for sperm to reach the egg.


Scientists have determined that stress is often a factor when couples can’t conceive. Stress can lower a man’s sperm count, and it may cause a woman’s cycle to become irregular. If you are under stress or feel pressure about having a baby, then you may need to try some relaxation therapy or mediation to deal with your stress. You should also exercise regularly to reduce stress levels.

Many factors can affect your ability to have a baby, but there are many treatments available. If you have tried naturally for over a year without any results, then visit with a fertility specialist to pinpoint exactly why you are unable to conceive. The specialist will be able to identify ways that you can conceive so that you and your partner will be able to enjoy the thrills of parenting.

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