4 Best Surrogacy Centres in Lucknow

4 Best Surrogacy Centres in Lucknow

The list of best surrogacy centers in Lucknow  has been prepared based on patient reviews, surrogacy success rates, cost-effective, doctors skills, treatment brilliance, and treatment facilities provided by centers.

Here is list for the Best Surrogacy centres in Lucknow :

  1. Indira IVF Centre, Lucknow (Best surrogacy centre in Lucknow)
  2. Nova IVF Fertility Centre, Lucknow (Best surrogacy centre in Lucknow)
  3. Morpheus Lucknow Fertility Centre, Lucknow (Best surrogacy centre in Lucknow)
  4. Javitri Hospital And Test Tube Baby Centre , Lucknow (Best surrogacy centre in Lucknow)

1. Indira IVF Centre Lucknow (Best Surrogacy Centre in Lucknow)

Indira Ivf Hospital Pvt Ltd in Hazratganj has a well-equipped and well-maintained clinic. It is sectioned into a waiting area for patients, where they can wait for their turn. This clinic has a consulting room, where this practitioner attends to patients between the consulting timings. Usually, on the first visit, this practitioner thoroughly understands and documents the patient’s medical history and discusses the various health issues they are currently facing. Following this, the doctor may conduct a simple examination to check and confirm the symptoms of the ailment. Based on this examination, this physician prescribes a suitable course of action, be it medication or further diagnostic tests. This clinic is open to patients between 09:00 – 21:00. Make a payment with ease using any of the following modes of payment, including Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Card. 

We take this opportunity to thank Dr. Ajay Murdia and his team of infertility specialists at Indira IVF. We also would like to thank them for inviting us to the opening of their new infertility hospital at Lucknow, Uttarpradesh. Both of us are very excited to meet Dr. Ajay Murdia at his team of IVF specialists at the IVF center in Lucknow. As when we were treated, they had no infertility clinic in Lucknow, but now with this new IVF center in Lucknow more and more people will be benefitted. The profoundly worldwide specialized IVF clinics overture high pregnancy rates to, but Indira IVF clinic in Lucknow and Test Tube Baby Center Lucknow is one of the sought-after destinations for IVF treatment in India amongst many other supposititious and reliable centers which provides the cheapest IVF treatment as it doesn’t be convinced of inputting a price tag to your happiness and motherhood relation. Indira IVF infertility treatment Lucknow provides a cost-effective IVF, IUI, and ICSI Treatment to achieving pregnancy. Call 9979556644 to schedule an appointment from beyond compare IVF experts/doctors in Lucknow.

  • Address And Location :- Ground Floor, Shalimar Logix, 4 A Rana Pratap Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001
  • Surrogacy Cost :-  Rs. 15,00,000
  • Surrogacy Doctor :-  Dr. Pawan Yadav (Chief IVF Specialist & Laparoscopic Surgeon), Dr. Radhika Bajpai (Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist), etc
  • Success Rates:-  75%
  • Book Appointment :-  +91- 9979556644

2. Nova IVF Fertility, Lucknow  ( Best Surrogacy Centres in Lucknow)

The Nova IVF Fertility center in Lucknow is the 1st in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Since it is centrally located, this center is accessible to patients from all over the city and also the neighboring towns. This center provides transparent and ethical treatment options ranging from basic to advanced. Some of the basic treatments that the center offers are medical management of infertility, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and some of the advanced treatments offered are Magnetic Activated Cell Screening (MACS), Pre-genetic Testing (PGT), cryopreservation, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), etc. With a vision to provide best-in-class fertility treatment, all Nova IVF centers in India are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and labs which follow international protocols on maintaining standards in delivering high-quality fertility treatment.

The treatment cost of IVF at Nova IVF Fertility centers are affordable and completely transparent. The Nova centers across India provide financial guidance and counseling for their patients. The team at the Nova IVF Fertility center in Kolkata is made up of highly qualified fertility consultants, in-house embryologists, clinical counselors, and all the support staff who come together and strive to give you the best experience with everything related to your fertility treatment. This center has a world-class lab in which all the latest embryology equipment and stringent processes are in place. This lab features state-of-the-art equipment like micromanipulators, Hera Cell incubators, MACS equipment, Laminar Air Flow, etc. All these assist in ensuring the most advanced treatments for you to fulfill your dream of parenthood. This fertility center also provides diagnostics facilities for all blood investigations about infertility treatments (for both male and female) AMH, antral follicle count, semen analysis, ECG, embryology lab, recovery area, ovum pick, a procedure room, and sample collection. The center also offers cryopreservation for preserving eggs, sperms, embryos. Book Free Appointment With Aurawomen.in or Call – +91- 9979556644 .

  • Address And Location :- Plot No – 152, GF & 1st floor, Next to Narain Automobiles, Shahnajaf road, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001
  • Surrogacy Cost:-  Rs. 15,00,000
  • Surrogacy Doctor:- Dr Aanchal Garg (MBBS, DGO, DNB, Fellowship training in Infertility), Dr. Saeeda Wasim (MS (OBG), FNB (Reproductive Medicine), etc
  • Success Rate:- 72%
  • Book Appointment:- +91- 9979556644

 3. Morpheus Lucknow Fertility  Centre (Best Surrogacy Centre in Lucknow)

Dr. Sunita Chandras Morpheus Lucknow Fertility Center is an IVF Clinic located in Hazratganj, Lucknow. It is the first and largest chain of Indo-German fertility centers in India.Dr. Sunita Chandra specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and subsequently pursued her career in infertility management. Currently shes is Director of Morpheus Lucknow Fertility Center & Rajendra Nagar Hospital & IVF Center, Lucknow and advanced infertility and Human Reproductive Endocrinology at Bad Münder, Germany. Dr. Sunita Chandra has been practicing assisted reproductive techniques for the last 25 years and has patient following far and wide. She did her MBBS from KGMU, Lucknow in 1987. Dr. Sunita Chandra completed her MD in Obst & Gyneac in 1991 followed by Residency ship from 1991-1992..Book Free Appointment With Aurawomen.in or Call – +91- 9979556644 .

  • Address And Location :-  49, Guru Gobind singh Marg, Hussainganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001
  • Surrogacy Cost:-    Rs. 12,00,000 to 16,00,000
  • Surrogacy Doctor:- Dr Sunita Chandra
  • Success Rate:-  72%
  • Book Appointment:- +91- 9979556644

4. Javitri Hospital and Test Tube Baby Centre, Lucknow (Best Surrogacy Centre in Lucknow)

Javitri Hospital, Lucknow has been functional since the last 28 yrs started in its present location in 2000. Now it is a fully equipped hospital with a specialized unit of ICU, NICU, dialysis & Trauma. It is famous for its infertility unit which is of international standards and protocols. The hospital is located in Telibagh at Lucknow on the bank of the Sharda canal on Raebareli Road. It is about 10 km from Charbagh Railway station and 11 Km from Hazarat Ganj the center of Lucknow. Hospital has set up another infertility unit (Javitri Test Tube Baby center) at Badshah Nagar Lucknow. The IVF lab is a modular lab following strict world class parameters. The latest equipment provides advanced services like freezing, laser hatching, and the availability of Embryoscope. With Embryoscope now it is possible to see your Embryos growing and select the best ones for implantation. Now with blastocyst culture in Embryoscope, we can give successful results up to 80%. Javitri Hospital aims to provide private and completely confidential care during which both partners can be fully investigated and the appropriate treatment instigated. The specialist consulting the couple may arrange following investigations within a professional and comfortable atmosphere of our clinic.Book Free Appointment With Aurawomen.in or Call – +91- 9979556644.

  • Address And Location :-  Raibareli Rd, Telibagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226025
  • Surrogacy Cost:-  Rs. 12,00,000 to 16,00,000
  • Surrogacy Doctor:-  Dr Rajul Tyagi, Dr Lavanya
  • Success Rate:-  76%
  • Book Appointment:-  +91- 9979556644

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